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Young Scholar’s Academy Preschool

                                                 Statement of Services

Description of Services

Young Scholar’s Academy accepts children who have reached the age of 4 (before September 1st) and are not yet ready to begin Kindergarten. We offer full-day or part-day care and instruction, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Enrollment Procedures

A parent or legal guardian may enroll a child. An enrollment form and an Emergency Form must be completed and turned-in prior to the first day of attendance. Oftentimes, our enrollment applications exceed our enrollment capacity. If this occurs, your child will be placed on a waiting list according to the date the enrollment form was received. When an opening is available, the next application will be taken from the waiting list (with the exception of children of contracted staff and siblings of the charter school). Young Scholar’s Academy has the right to discontinue enrollment for a child if it is determined that we can no longer meet the needs of the child. All schedules will be determined before the start of attendance and no changes may take place without prior approval from the office. No changes are permitted after May 1st of the current school year.  The parent is responsible for the weekly fees regardless of whether the child attends their regularly-scheduled days and a two-week notice is required before withdrawal.

Payment of Fees

All attendees must have an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) authorization form on file with the appropriate routing information. YSA does not extend credit and all fees must be paid or the child’s enrollment will be suspended.

Fee Schedule:  ($35/day, progressive discount given for multiple-day schedules)

5 full days……$160.00                

4 full days……  $175.00                

Parent/Staff Sign-In or Sign-Out

An adult signature is required for all pre-school children upon arrival and pick-up. Only those persons listed on the Emergency Form will be allowed to pick-up a child from the program.  School personnel will sign your child into the afterschool program.


YSA practices a positive approach to discipline. Most often, redirection and guidance will be the only tools necessary to correct a discipline problem. However, other methods of discipline may include, but are not limited to, time-outs, parent conferences, loss of privileges, etc.


YSA does not provide transportation for its students.

Description of Activities and Programs

YSA Pre-School provides many learning opportunities such as academics, crafts, computers, games, and physical activities. All instruction is based on academic and social learning. Parent involvement is greatly encouraged at YSA.

Liability Insurance

YSA carries liability insurance as required by the State of Arizona and is available for review in the front office.


YSA does administer prescription medication, if needed. The medication must be in the original prescription bottle marked clearly with the child’s name, name of medication, proper dosage, and physician’s name. Over-the-counter medication must be brought to school in its original container and must be brought directly to the office immediately upon arriving at school. Please be advised that YSA does not employ a nurse. 

Pesticide Application

Notices are placed in the front office 48 hours prior to any pesticide application on the premises.

Emergency Medical Procedures

YSA will take the normal procedure for injuries (ice pack, band-aids, etc).  However, in the event of a more serious injury, YSA will attempt to reach you by phone. If the injury is severe, YSA will call “911” and then you will be contacted immediately afterward.

ADHS Regulation

Young Scholar’s Academy is regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services/Child Care Licensure located at 150 N. 18th Avenue, Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ, 602-542-1025. Inspection reports are available in the office.

Rev. 6/2023